Fed up with writing C-code in an “old” devenv – Use Visual Studio 2010

It’s nothing new, but something to think about.

I found myself “stuck” in a decent, but not great environment for writing C-code (or C++) for processor-cards. Environments like IAR Studio and AVRstudio does the job, but they cannot compete with Visual Studio when it comes to facilities.

So getting tired of not having all the shortcuts I’m used to I fired up Visual Studio, created and empty C++ project


added the files to an empty project


and voilà!


Intellisense works like a charm. And so does Find-All-References and a lot of the other stuff.

Of course some macros are marked with errors because it really does not know what those CPU-definitions are, and I haven’t bothered fixing the include paths for the CPU-specific files either.


VS wont be able to build anything for the CPU-target anyways. Next step is to add a shortcut/button to the Visual Studio environment telling it to use IAR to compile the files according to the “shadow” IAR-project.

I still need to do the actual debugging in IAR using the JTagMkII, and of course I miss the VS-debugger and all the possibilities it gives… But hey, you can’t always get it all!

Works for me! Smile


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