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Entity Framework and Esri Geodatabase (in AspNet.Core)

Intro This blog will cover the basics for wiring up a model through Entity Framework to use with an SDE / Geo-enabled database. The included code is based on AspNetCore running on full framework. AspNetCore has dependency injection that is … Continue reading

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git:// protocol (tcp 9418) blocked by firewall

I am using Visual Studio (2015) as my development environment and are moving along with the “new trend” using bower, npm, gulp, etc for front-end (package) management. I did really like the integrated way of doing stuff in Web Essentials, … Continue reading

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Microsoft MVC, Entity Framework and Esri Geodatabase

This is a response to a blog post by Ole Magnus Habberstad First of all it is great to see someone getting around to doing these kind of experiments! My thoughts from a non-esri perspectiveI am currently involved in a … Continue reading

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Linq to Sql and SqlCE

If you add a dbml to a project using the Visual Studio 2010 tools and then try to drag an object from a SqlCE database into the model it will fail with the message “source not supported”. I don’t see … Continue reading

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Spotify Offline–how to create shortcuts that works

A follow up to make life easier… Put the two command lines I mentioned in shortcuts to quickly enable / disable Spotify… Ceate a new shortcut on your desktop (right click on desktop and select “New –> Shortcut”) In the … Continue reading

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Running Spotify in OffLine mode on a desktop computer

Spotify has finally (I’m just late with the blog 🙂 ) released the offline mode for the desktop, only problem is that there is no button that says “Go offline now”. Evidently Spotify is using it’s own ports for authenticating … Continue reading

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SourceSafe–getting project snapshot

SourceSafe When I first encountered SourceSafe I was accustomed to working with CVS and later Subversion. Being the GUI application it is, SourceSafe is very file oriented and I believe it works best when used from within IDEs like Visual … Continue reading

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