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Visual Studio 2017 Credential trouble

If you experience that VS wants to refresh your credentials in eternal loop. Or you refresh and it goes back to wanting to refresh again there is a big chance that this will help you. To verify if you have … Continue reading

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Entity Framework and Esri Geodatabase (in AspNet.Core)

Intro This blog will cover the basics for wiring up a model through Entity Framework to use with an SDE / Geo-enabled database. The included code is based on AspNetCore running on full framework. AspNetCore has dependency injection that is … Continue reading

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git:// protocol (tcp 9418) blocked by firewall

I am using Visual Studio (2015) as my development environment and are moving along with the “new trend” using bower, npm, gulp, etc for front-end (package) management. I did really like the integrated way of doing stuff in Web Essentials, … Continue reading

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Microsoft MVC, Entity Framework and Esri Geodatabase

This is a response to a blog post by Ole Magnus Habberstad First of all it is great to see someone getting around to doing these kind of experiments! My thoughts from a non-esri perspectiveI am currently involved in a … Continue reading

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Linq to Sql and SqlCE

If you add a dbml to a project using the Visual Studio 2010 tools and then try to drag an object from a SqlCE database into the model it will fail with the message “source not supported”. I don’t see … Continue reading

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Spotify Offline–how to create shortcuts that works

A follow up to make life easier… Put the two command lines I mentioned in shortcuts to quickly enable / disable Spotify… Ceate a new shortcut on your desktop (right click on desktop and select “New –> Shortcut”) In the … Continue reading

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Running Spotify in OffLine mode on a desktop computer

Spotify has finally (I’m just late with the blog 🙂 ) released the offline mode for the desktop, only problem is that there is no button that says “Go offline now”. Evidently Spotify is using it’s own ports for authenticating … Continue reading

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